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Saturday, September 15, 2007

It's a Miracle Every Time God does it!

Salvation is always a miracle. It's as dramatic as the creation of the universe or the raising of the dead (Eph 1:18-21). Every time we see God bring someone to Himself, it's cause for great rejoicing (Luke 15:7).

The short note below is from my sister, Gina, concerning her daughter Cheyenne. Cheyenne has Asperger's Syndrome -- which is related to autism. It often results in someone who has a really hard time "getting it" socially, so they tend to say and do things that "cross the line" and even insult others without knowing it.

Asperger's people have a hard time grasping such things as how close to stand to someone when you talk to them -- or even that it's polite to wait and listen to them when they talk, after you've had your say. They have to be taught not to say things like, "Wow, you've got bad B.O.!" When it's OK to talk, and when it's time to shut up and let someone else have the floor, etc. And it's not just the natural childishness all children have, it is an inability in the brain to process the signal coming from "outside of me" and realize, "Hey there are other people out there like me with feelings and needs I must respond to!" Even though they can be quite intelligent, such children struggle in social situations trying to do the most common things that you and I simply take for granted. And then, because people do not understand their "odd" behavior, they often feel like outcasts.

Any way, Cheyenne and her family have had their share of these kinds of struggles over the years at school, at church, etc. make a long story short, you can read for yourself the following little note and then rejoice with me as you keep her in prayer:

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all of your prayers for Cheyenne & her salvation. She wanted me to help her pray last night (in her words, "like Uncle Scott prayed with you, Mom"!). After we prayed, she had such a look on her face that I can't describe (huge tears, but the biggest smile) and said she had never been so happy before - it was even better than Christmas! She wanted to tell everyone about it (before when she would talk about it with me & pray, she didn't want to tell anyone). Now she seems sure of her salvation and is just so happy!!! God has also given her the courage this week to talk to some of her friends about Jesus & being saved. She wants to keep doing that! So, again, thanks for all the prayers & keep praying that she will grow in Christ and stay close to Him.

Love you,

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