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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

“The Valley of Vision” -- A place to gaze on the majesty of God

“The Valley of Vision: A Collection of Puritan Prayers and Devotions,” as the title suggests, is a collection of prayers and devotions from the Puritans – a people who knew and deeply loved God! As you read this book, you’ll discover that the Puritans were not the “stuffed shirts” so many think they were. They were warm-hearted Christians who passionately loved and pursued God in every area of their lives. They understood that prayer, doctrine and life must all fit together in the Christian’s life in such a way that one cannot be separated from the others! In fact, it was their doctrine that produced in them such deep praying (as we find in this book), and it was their prayers that filled their hearts and lives with such a Christ-centered joy.

One of my goals in life, and in the life of Rockport Baptist Church, is that we would be a people who not only know a lot about God from His Word, but also who know Him in way that is real and intimate and filled with a passion for His glory. This book will help you in that pursuit. For years I have used it to help my own praying. By looking over the shoulders of these godly men and women as they lifted their hearts to God, I’ve found my own passion for Christ rekindled, my prayers resurrected from deadness, and my heart warmed with faith. My prayer is that this book will have the same effect on you.


Scott Weldon said...

Pastor Scott,
I could not agree more. One of the greatest blessings in my life was when I discovered this book. I even have the nice leather bound copy since my paperback was getting worn out! Nothing replaces God's Word as the center of our meditation and prayer, but this book is definitely a wonderful "addition" to anyone's time alone with the Lord. May we recover the passion for God and prayer that our Puritan forefathers had.

jim said...

yes, Valley of Vision is tremendous, read it every morning at Banner of Truth website, I would encourage everyone to read this great devotional. I print them out and journal and hi lite on those printed pages. No other group of believers have impacted me as much as the Puritans, such great reading especially when you consider what is being passed off as today as "sound" Christian reading.