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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ministry Meeting: Godly Character

We had our first ministry meeting last night. It was great to get together with these young men who feel God's call into service, and to discus with them what that calling is all about.

Our discussion centered around Titus 1:1-9 which we agreed focuses on the godly character that is necessary for the man who would in any way lead God's people. More vital than seminary training and skill in the pulpit, or even having every doctrinal "i" doted and "t" crossed (as important as that is!) the pastor/elder must give evidence that He is mature Man of God (He is after all called an "elder" v 5 -- a word that assumes spiritual maturity!) And so the man who would lead God's people must give evidence of a growing spiritual maturity and ongoing faithfulness 1) in the home (v 6), 2) in his personal character and integrity (vv 7-8) and 3) in his commitment to hold, declare and confront with God's Word (v 9).

The words to Steve Camp's song, "The Mark of a man of God" were shared:
“The mark of a man of God is what he’s faithful to,
and what he’s fleeing from, and what he’s fighting for
“The heart of a man of God is what he daily pursues...
His family, friends, the word the church
And worship of the Lord
“The godly man daily takes up the cross of Christ
and faithfully follows him as a living sacrifice”
We then ended our time together with a discussion of how a man can cultivate godly character; personal accountability; daily walk with Christ; books we should be reading, etc.

All in all, I a believe it was a profitable time. I'm looking forward to our next meeting on February 19th when we will discuss the question: "What is the Gospel?"

Grace and Peace

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Aaron said...


I am thankful that you have put this together. I know that so many people make statements like this, but I really do wish that someone took this type of approach when I first entered the ministry within the church.

Almost 12 years now, since I have stared as a ministerial staff member at a church, I was welcomed in to the "ministry" by simply making an announcement before the church that they stand behind me, and then there was nothing beyond that simple affirmation.