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Sunday, April 13, 2008


Grace Bible Conference concluded at Rockport today! Wow! What an amazing time of fellowship and instruction centered around the experience of mercy from God. Every speaker and every message seemed to build on the one before it in a display of the riches of his grace. God was evidently among us to encourage and confront and build up His people.

I've been to a lot of conferences over the years. Usually there are one or two outstanding messages, and then a few that, while helpful or informative could only be described as ...well...OK. But here there seemed to be such evident grace from God that every message ministered something vital and helpful to my soul.

Another amazing thing is how great a diversity there was between the preachers both in their style and personalities, and yet such a great unity in the truth they proclaimed. Paul Washer is passion aflame as he burns for the glory of Christ. Mike Morrow exudes a confidence in truth with a 'country preacher' kind of charm. Charles Leiter teaches with a clear and logical faithfulness to Scripture that never fails to help me see something even more wonderful in the truth of Christ. And Mike Williams speaks so plainly and powerfully with a unique ability to disarm me, even as he presents deep and powerful truth in a way that is simple without being at all simplistic. Each man (and there were others as well) was used by God to show me something else of His glory that I needed to see. Now my prayer is that all who heard will believe and apply what they have seen into their daily life with Christ -- especially the numerous young people who were in attendance.

Finally (for now), just a quick word about Rockport Baptist! Wow (again). I am amazed at all your hard work -- the way you all chipped in and gave of yourself to make this conference come together so wonderfully. So many have done so much that it would be impossible to name you all. And a couple of you deserve loud commendation for what you've done...but since you would not want to be acknowledged publicly (thus keeping your reward in heaven) let me just say, "Thank you!" knowing that you know who you are!

To God alone be all the glory!

PS - I hope to blog a bit more about content once I've had time to process and perhaps listen again to the messages. We also plan on posting the messages on our website or on Sermon Audio as soon as we can. Now it's off to Louisville for the Together for the Gospel conference


ForHisSake said...

Thanks for the commentary. Do you know if there will be DVD's available from the conference. If so, who do we contact to purchase a set?

Pastor Scott Lee said...

Sorry, we only have audio recordings. We did not record the video feed that was being used for the overflow area.

Scott Weldon said...

Pastor Scott
Thank you so much for making these messages available to download. I very much wanted to attend the conference, but had prior commitments in our own church. I haven't listened yet (I just now downloaded them at the library) but I'm excited to get home and load it to the ol mp3 player. Thanks again for providing these.

God Bless,