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Monday, December 22, 2008

Only Jesus

My wife, Amy, has always had a time sitting still. Her active mind is always buzzing about something. Even in church she tends to need to occupy herself with something as she listens and participates with the congregation. This past Sunday night as we were all celebrating Christmas together, Amy was jotting down some of the thoughts that were pouring through her brain. She shared them with our congregation just before I got up to preach. I thought they are an excellent summation of why only Jesus is worthy of all praise!

Here is what she wrote:

Only Jesus

Only Jesus can be our Great High Priest

And our sacrifice

Only Jesus can be our judge

And our advocate

Only Jesus can be born

Of his own creation

Only Jesus can be humble enough

To be highly exalted

Only Jesus can be seated at the right hand of the Father

And be with us always

Only Jesus can be the hearer of all our cries

And cry out in intercession

Only Jesus can be the alpha

And the omega

Only Jesus can be the Lion

And the lamb

Only Jesus can say “It is Finished”

And “I am completing a good work in you”

Only Jesus can be feared

And calm our every fear

Only Jesus could have nothing in his appearance that we would desire him

And be the joy of man’s desire

Only Jesus can be despised and rejected

And draw all men unto himself

Only Jesus can exist before time

And appear when the time had fully come

Only Jesus could empty himself

And be the fullness of God in bodily form

Only Jesus

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