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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rivers and Oceans

From my daughter, Kim . . .

Rivers and Oceans

To drown in the deepest ocean of grace, springing from rivers of love and mercy would be the greatest way to die. When you die, you find that all that is dead is the sin in your life and the power death had over you. Through the love of God, the new heart that reflects Christ is living in you and will never die. You find yourself no longer drowning but swimming in this ocean of grace and drinking from the rivers of love and mercy.

Christ gives you new robes that He wove with His righteousness. When these new robes you have soiled, you can plunge head first into the river of love, where Love Himself washes you clean. The river of love flows red with blood, blood that man alone could not claim. Only the blood of the one who is both God and man could clean my soiled robes. The river of mercy washes away my shame and guilt, it purifies me within. The deepest part of my heart is by mercy made clean and my sin can no longer reclaim it.

The ocean of grace my sins forgot, my slate is clean and fresh. I have no righteousness of my own, but grace gives me His. Without these rivers and this ocean deep, my sin would beat me to the grave. My glorious Savior came and took it all, my guilt, my pride, my shame, from Him flows these rivers of love and mercy. The ocean fills from His veins. He took my sin and the wrath of God. If I do not my worship bring, what good is each breath I breathe. Glory goes to God alone, no earthly thing my glory should receive. As I drink from love and mercy, it propels me to give Christ my glory, and as in grace’s depths I swim, my love and glory goes only to Him.

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