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Monday, June 4, 2012

Two Great Responses to the Southern Baptist "Statement"

I have really wanted to respond to the so-called "Statement of the Traditional Southern Baptist View of Salvation" that was issued recently (and which ought to be called, "A Statement of the Neo-Traditionalist Arminian View of Salvation"), but frankly I have not had the stomach or the time to do so.   Fortunately, several faithful brothers have done what I could not do.  Let me commend to you the following.

First, a dear brother named Scott Weldon has issues this excellent response, which he calls 

My Two Cents re: "A Statement of Traditional Southern Baptist Understanding of God's Plan of Salvation".  I highly recommend it.

Second, Brother Tom Ascol is doing an excellent point by point analysis.   It also is highly recommended and you can find it at the Founder's Blog here. 

My many thanks, brothers, for taking the time to declare truth.


Scott said...

Thanks for the link and the "props." Of course, you're the one who gave me the "bag word" analogy, so of course you'd like it! All that same, I appreciate it. Let's pray cooler, wiser heads prevail in all this.

elee reymond said...

I appreciate your writings