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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Romania Report #1

Dear Friends and Family,

While in Romania I was able to send emails to our newsgroup, but was unable to post to my "blog." The next several entries will be "catch up" from the mission trip -- ie, I'm going to submit slightly edited versions of the emails I sent to our church family.

Entry #1 - Monday, April 16th from Timisoara Romania

We're here and we're safe. Had a great time of worship and preaching Sunday. I preached three times -- once at Holy Trinity (the big church in Bucharest) for their early service. Then in a service with Brother Moise and the gypsies. Please pray for them. He is very depressed. There are many problems facing him and the families of his church right now. Pray for one family in particular who have endured the pain of having a daughter turn away into a life of sin.

Later that afternoon I had the joy of preaching at Glina, again with Brother Nae. It was a very full and lively service. God gave a lot of help. I love the gypsies! They are very appreciative of you all and the help you've given and told me more than once to express that to you.

One very sad note. The community and church at Mama India have been destroyed! The government came in and bull-dozed the church and school and most of the homes. They say the gypsies have no right to be there. The problem is they have not "right" to be anywhere according to Romanian law because they are poor and have no claim on the land. It is very sad. I stood there with one of the men I met two years ago as we prayed, and he wept and wept. I have taken pictures (see above). It is all very shocking! There were 100 children attending the little school there -- many of them have an opportunity to get a basic education for the first time ever. Now all but 20 are gone. "Where?" I asked. No one knows. Some had moved into a forest, living in hand made "tents" of tree limbs, but the government came and chased them away from there as well. Now they have scattered to who knows where. Pray for God's help and for justice.

We did get to spend a little time with Bro Paul Washer and Sorin on Saturday and Sunday. They returned to the states today (Monday). We have just driven over 10 hours to get to Timisoara. This is where Bebe and Ani Tomeci life. I'm with them now. We will begin our conference in the morning. It is now midnight and I must get to bed. Please pray for us.

Love to you all. I'm praying for you as well. Do not let the enemy gain a foot hold in any area. Our God is greater than the devil. He will give us the victory. In the Apostles John's words, "Little children, love one another".

In Jesus
S. Scott Lee
Soli Deo Gloria

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