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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Romania Report #5 - Saturday April 21st

Dear Family,

Another two wonderful days of conference. We have about 75 students crammed into a very small upper room. They were expecting about 50. They are like the others -- very hungry for truth and filled with questions. I've really experienced the help of the Holy Spirit here as I've taught. There has been great freedom to speak on our freedom in Christ from Romans 6. It has been amazing to see God at work.

Tomorrow we finish this conference (Sunday morning). Then we will load up and travel to Cumpalung (I'm not sure of the spelling). We will then preach in the evening service in the church in that town.

We've been able to spend some great time with old friends (Ruxi, Bagdon, Ionutz, Little Adi, and Alex). It's been good to get to know Alex's three children. The boys (10 and 12) said they like having us with them. Also, I beat them both at pingpong! I'm just glad there are no Lovings here!....that way I can win!

I will write again if I am able.

Love to you all.

Love especially to my girls!

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