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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Romania Report #3 - Wednesday April 18th

Dear Family,
God has been very good. We've had a great meeting today with the students. God let us renew many old friendships, offer biblical counsel on some difficult personal issues, and see some break thoughts by the power of God's word. I am so happy to see that God has brought my dear friends into a fuller grasp of the doctrines of God's wonderful grace! They are much further along that I had imagined. God has been showing them so much.

I also had a long and wonderful conversation with our friend Adi -- Aaron and Bob will remember him -- and find that he too has come to see the joy of sovereign grace. It's wonderful to see so many rejecting this "pray this prayer" evangelism that is so common over here (and in the states) and coming to see that Salvation is an act of God's grace in changing the heart and bringing faith in Christ alone as Savior and Lord. Praise our wonderful Lord.

And oh yes, Adi and his wife have a beautiful new baby girl!

God is so good. Can't wait to see you all. We leave for Brasov in the morning (an 8 hour drive over mountain roads) so please pray for us
It's very late and I must sleep.
I continue to pray for you all
With much love

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